Be People-Pro in Half the Time, Without The Pain

Send The Right Message

With Workbase your business will appear professional and organised to prospective and current employees. Your own-branded Careers Portal, Step-by-step Employee Onboarding and Employee Self-Managed Accounts will send the right message to your people.

Everything you need to look and be professional is already baked into Workbase.

Workbase Professionalism | Workbase HR

Designed For You

Many complex IT systems take a lot of time to learn and master. Not Workbase. Our clean and intuitive interface that has been designed especially for non-technical and non-HR professionals in mind.

What's more with our ground-breaking built-in support system you don't even need to leave your Workbase Account to ask a question.

Workbase Simplicity | Workbase HR

Make Better People Decisions

You wouldn't make important business decisions without checking your financial information first, so don't make important business decisions without checking your people information first.

Workbase gives you the information you need to make the right decisions about your people and your business From understanding who is performing well right through to making the right call about who should get Christmas off this year, Workbase is there for you.

Workbase Clarity | Workbase HR

Happier, More Productive Workforce

Keep your employee engaged in their work and their employment with you. Research has shown that employees who are engaged perform better and are likely to stay with you for longer.

Workbase gives you the tools you need to keep your employees engaged. Employee Self Managed Accounts, Performance Reviews, Management Permissions and Noticeboard are just some of the features that help improve engagement.

Workbase Employee Engagement | Workbase HR

Save On Unnecessary Spend

There are some hidden costs to managing people that could be seriously effective your business. Absence and poor performance are some of the largest hidden costs in any organisation, identify these costs with Workbase and take action to reduce them.

Workbase has all the core systems you need to manage your people professionally and effectively so you don't need to spend money on other complex systems.

Workbase Reduce Cost | Workbase HR

Spend Your Time On What Matters

Got a day job to be getting on with? For many people like you managing employees is just one of their responsibilities. Workbase has been designed to empower leaders and employees by taking the burden out of the administration of managing people, so you can focus on the most important aspects of your job.

The hours you and your team will save each month just by using Workbase will far exceed the price you pay our software. So why not try Workbase today, you even get a risk-free 14-day trial.

Workbase Save Time | Workbase HR

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