Performance Reviews

Release hidden potential

Choose time slots that suit

Scheduling has never been easier. Simply select the dates and times that suit you, select the team you want to review and you are done. Workbase checks for calendar conflicts and finds a time that suits you and your employees.

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A beautiful, simple, calendar view

Workbase provides you with a clear, elegant view of your dedicated HR calendar. See upcoming performance reviews day-by-day , week-by-week, month-by-month. No distractions.

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Keep an effective record of your reviews

After the performance review has been completed we provide helpful note areas where you can store the notes from the meeting and any future goals. These notes are then saved to the employees' dedicated Performance Review file so you can revisit them quickly before the next review.

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Are you the organisation you want to be?

The whole point of doing performance reviews is to ensure your organisation is on track to be the organisation it wants to be, right? With Workbase we make the process simple, focused, and purposeful. We encourage you to take the time to review your employees's core competencies, traits, and values during your performance reviews.

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